Butterflies, birds and bees

A veritable extension of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Klein Bosheuwel is an ornithological paradise teeming with birdlife and erupting with brilliantly coloured flowers and many other little friends buzzing about in the foliage. Native aloes, proteas, restios and fynbos team up with camellias, rhododendrons, roses, stately old trees and scampering squirrels darting back and forth.

Discover mysterious pathways leading down and around the gardens opening up new vistas and surprises. Nocturnal visitors include inquisitive Amber-eyed Genets peering into windows and the occasional porcupine rattling along.

Remnants of the hedge of Wild Almond planted by Van Riebeeck during his Governorship in order to define the Cape Colony are still to be found in the front garden. Later during the Anglo Boer War the British stabled their horses where Klein Bosheuwel and Southdown stand today.

If you can be coerced into throwing a ball for Feather, the gregarious Border Collie, you are guaranteed a friend for life, while sausages, Solo and Mia, love a cuddle.

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